Friday, April 18, 2014


The HP Dreamcolor name has been around for some time but it has not been a display I have suggested to my readers because most of you don’t have deep, deep pockets and waste what’s in them on overpriced dreams. But even if the name is the same a list price of $599 for their new 24 inch LCD display with a wide Adobe RGB color spectrum puts this HP Dreamcolor along with the few others I can recommend.  And like them this version is as new with an LED backlight and a second generation IPS screen with a size of 1920x1200 pixels. An added feature is a built-in color calibration engine attuned to a customized X-Rite i1 Display Pro accessory add-on.

The physical attributes are the same as other 24 inch pro-graphics displays, with a stand that supports vertical adjustment as well as screen angle and rotation. Built-in features include mode switches that include sRGB, Adobe RGB, native and a video spec alternative, as well as customizable modes. A full array of connection receptacles including DVI, display port and HDMI are part of the physical package. These features extend to an OSD (on screen display) that visually advises the user of the current function status of the display.

Now I’m just waiting until samples of this new HP Dreamcolor display are available. Shortly after that all the primary on-line dealers will be advertising this new affordable HP Dreamcolor Z24 and we will see if their prices put it in the same ball park as the Dell U2413 and Asus PA249Q models.

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