Friday, May 11, 2012

ColorEyes Display Pro 1.6 for Mac - Apple Monitor Updater

The Apple Monitor plugin allows Coloreyes to adjust the brightness of Apple monitors automatically based on your target luminance value. There are no color adjustments in Apple monitors so all this tool does is adjust brightness. It definitely makes profiling easier and faster on Apple monitors - No longer mess around with the brightness sliders!

This standalone updater is specifically for customers who have already purchased ColorEyes Pro 1.6 prior to May 9, 2012. and will only run on v1.6. You can download the update only and install over your existing 1.6 install here:
Download the Apple Auto Brightness Updater Go to web URL adress at end of release

If you have an older version of ColorEyes running on Lion unfortunately there is not an option to update the apple monitor plugin other than upgrading to v1.6

If you want to update your copy of ColorEyes Display to 1.6 you can buy the latest updated version in our store for $49. All new purchases include the updated apple monitor plugin.
The 1.6 update requires that you already own a serial number.