Wednesday, June 2, 2010


That Apple has overtaken Microsoft in size may be easily rationalized by Windows people claiming 80% of PC users are using Windows. But just because so many are is not a necessity to conform, in fact it may be a bad idea.

At least one really major company may think that. The Financial Times reported today that a number of Google employees have stated that Google is now requiring their 10,000 employees to us another operating system. That may have a little to do with the fact Google is working on their on operating system Chrome OS. In the meantime apparently most Google workers are switching to Apple Macs.

That may be logical because Apple Macs are not prone to hacking and virus infection, and Google bad experience with hacking in China may have been a incentive to make the change now, even before their own Chrome OS is released.

But just because Google is possibly moving away from Windows maybe for security reasons, is that good enough reason to follow suit. From my experience since I moved from Windows to Apple Mac, I would agree it is enough of a reason. But Google also knows I am sure as soon as their own Chrome OS is ready their employees can add Chrome, still use the Apple operating system and Chrome simultaneously on the same desktop with just one machine, You can do the same thing, but with Windows by adding it as a virtual operating system, so it is protected from hacking and viruses behind the Apple Mac, and you still have your Windows application available on the Mac desktop.

Yes, with an Apple Mac you can have an Apple Mac application running as well as a Windows application at the same time and with both windows open on screen. This is done most popularly with Parallels software to run other Operating Systems and applications virtually, but there are others as well.

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