Wednesday, May 26, 2010


This Wednesday, May 26, 2010, Apple Computer overtook Microsoft as the leading technology company in the world. In todays trading the result was that Apple reached a value of $227.1 billion over Microsoft’s $226.3 billion for Microsoft.

This to some is a surprising turnaround since Apple was struggling not that many years ago. But by providing more advanced and better technology for its users Apple has continued to progress. Apple defies the illogic of cheaper is better that has become the American mainstay. Apple offers a better product and even if it cost a little more it is apparently worth it as more and more customers obviously have turned to Apple.

Yes, the new Apple technology is different and involves new kinds of communications and a kid of user-friendly control many people prefer. So now maybe, Americans will take a different look at what works best for them. Is it the cheapest toy or the best quality product. aye in the human dimension good actually costs less if cheap don’t do as much for you.

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