Tuesday, June 2, 2009


onOne software just announced an iPhone application that supports the operation of a Canon EOS digital camera remotely. This can be accomplished through a computer that has a WiFi internet connection when the Canon dSLR is tethered to the computer.

This new iPhone application from onOne Software makes it possible to use an iPhone to change the camera setting, trigger and exposure, view images stored on the cameras memory card, and even obtain a live viewfinder look at what the camera is focused upon with Live View.

The obvious use for this is some kind of surveillance of course, but I will leave what kind to everyone’s imagination. But for many pros who cover events of all kinds this capability may be invaluable. And combined with Apple’s Mac Mini or a MacBook a camera could be situated almost anywhere within a WiFi hot zone, places where a photographer might not find very comfortable or safe to be to get the picture recorded.

The Professional edition of this new iPhone application from onOne software has list price of just $19.99 and a limited introductory ticket of just $9.99. It may be purchased immediately from the App Store in Apple’s iTunes. A free application that is a necessary companion is needed and can be download for installation on the Mac or Windows computer being used to connect the Canon EOS dSLR.

More specifics on the camera and computer requirements to use this new camera control iPhone application can be found at: www.onOnesoftware.com/iPhone/. A version of this software that provides similar function support for Nikon digital cameras is under development by onOne Software, so keep tuned into the App Store on iTunes

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