Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I used to obtain references to ACDsee from Windows users as it was an affordable option for image asset management over much more complex and expensive professional products. But recently I’d heard nothing of it until macWorld announced a bets is available for the mac. Apparently ACDsee for the Mac will be available in release version for $170 in 2010.

The MacWorld announcement engendered a firestorm of retribution from Mac Deneba Canvas users who feel betrayed since Deneba was purchased by ADCsee and the Mac version has since been dropped. That seems to be tit for tat since another popular image asset management that was a 3rd party Apple application was bought out by Microsoft and has since fallen on the ill machinations of the folks in Redmond, Washington.

Aside from that some point out that ACDsee doesn’t do much that Apple’s own iPhoto, that comes free with a Mac is capable of, or can be purchased if need be for about half the cost of ACDsee for the Mac. To carry that argument a bit further, any Apple Mac user who is into digital photography gets the latest version of Adobe Photoshop Elements, also about half the cost of ACDsee for the Mac, gets the Adobe CS4 version of Bridge, which has just about all of the features of ACDsee and more, as well as Adobe Camera Raw and a very competent, easy to use photo editing application.

So I am curious what the folks at ACDsee are thinking, it is something about which to be curious, whether they are thinking at all.

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