Monday, January 26, 2009


I was at least subliminally aware of LG Electronics between 2 and 3 year ago when I searched through their LCD Display offerings and decided to purchase one of their Flatron L2000C 20 inch displays. At that time in America LG Electronics was a barely known brand name, but has gotten more cache in the last year or so, but mostly for cell phones and TV’s, and little awareness in the LCD display market for computers. Since I purchased my 20 inch LGE display I have acquired two more different brands and tested and reported on several more, including LaCie and Eizo, both of which are familiar brands only in the niche pro-graphics market.

When I am asked for recommendations of LCD displays (a frequent occurrence), I usually include the LGE L2000C as my experience with it using it daily for well over two years now has been good, and the performance so close to that of two to three times as expensive more highly touted brands that I’d buy and use nothing else but the LGE were I to begin again and know what I know now. Yes, the most expensive professional displays do have a larger color gamut, but it is neither that big a difference or that significant an advantage that it is a must have attribute, especially at such a much higher price.

But why am I now singing the praises of the LGE Flatron L2000Cp, my display’s current model designation? First of all I got a Consumer Electronics Show news release about a new line of LGE LCD displays that were announced. Then I got an Apple Computer news item in my in-box announcing that an agreement was signed between LGE and Apple amounting to Apple’s payment (in advance) some $500 million dollars to secure an ongoing supply of LGE LCD display products. Interesting news because it confirms to some extent a long standing rumor as to the source manufacturer of Apple’s displays. Anyway, my interest was piqued so I got in touch the LGE’s PR agency, and the ensuing exchange revealed another bit of information I found interesting and answered why LGE L2000Cp displays are sold by so few of the typical sources for LCD displays. LGE does not consider the Flatron L2000C model a consumer product, but a business product that they usually expect to sell directly in large lots. And by the way LGE is the second largest manufacturer of LCD displays. How can that be you might ask, and the answer is that LGE has been an OEM supplier and they manufacture LCD displays sold under many brand names.

So, the one source I purchased from and I have pointed others to because they have been one of the few with LGE Flatron L2000Cp 20 inch displays in stock rather consistently, is, I just checked Amazon’s web site again. And the site indicated availability, and a list price of $732.26 with Amazon’s price of $402.48. Now that is really a best buy. And, Oh! The new LG displays announced at CES are not intended to replace the Flatron L2000Cp, they’re consumer models.

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